Z-PAC Theatre

Z-PAC Theatre – Creating Entertainment and Opportunity


Z-PAC is a Community Theatre and welcomes not only new actors and stage crew, but also new directors, assistant directors, script writers, etc.

Each year we encourage up and coming and/or experienced directors/writers, to put forward shows they think would be a good fit at Z-PAC, as we work out our programme for the following year.

We are open to all styles and genres and want to be able to offer our discerning patrons a wide variety of theatrical experiences.

2-Act plays, 1-act play, musicals, large cast or small, original scripts or well-known classics – all will be seriously considered. All proposals welcome.

Download and complete the form and return it to Z-PAC with details of your idea.

Present your proposal at the MEMBERS AND DIRECTORS NIGHT at Z-PAC Theatre on Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 7pm-9pm.

Z-PAC Theatre – presenting, developing and encouraging performance art in the community!